Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Natural Help for Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis

Most people whom have been diagnosed with Diverticulosis or the next stage, Diverticulitis, are well aware of the symptoms. For that reason, I will spare myself some blog space and give a link for more info.  Read below for Natural Remedies.

Disease/Symptoms: click here for symptoms

This can be caused by short or long term use of prescriptions, but can also be caused by yeast overgrowth in the digestive tract, or both. For these reasons, please ELIMINATE presecription meds if possible, and also any breads, cakes, sugary foods, fruit juices, etc., until your condition is resolved.

Remedial objective: The key short term goal is to get rid of any foul bacteria that may be eroding the mucosal lining and the g.i. tract tissues. Also, to get rid of any overgrown yeast that can destroy the tissue, as well. From there, moving on to rebuilding the mucosal lining and digestive enzymes is the way to complete healing. If this is done properly,the body will naturally repair/replace any holes or damaged stomach and intestinal lining.

If the treatments are prompt and consistent (depending upon how much damage is done to the tract) surgery and long term necessity of antbx may be avoided. One of the long term problems with this illness/disease is that the tissues can become broken and develop pockets and sometimes holes , allowing food particles into the blood stream. This can cause a whole host of auto-immune disorders, some acute and some long term. This is why it is important to target this disease from a multi-faceted approach, and why time is of the essence.


*Essential Oregano Oil (powerful antibacterial and antiviral) 2-3 drops of oil in 12oz glass of water. Drink as much as possible 24/7. (powdered versions/pills, not advisable..need immediate results from essential oils. Also, 1-2 drops of Oregano Oil in 4 Tbsp of Olive oil, rub on bottoms of the feet (Chinese medicine) gives almost immediate access to the bloodstream-2-3xday. This can be used in ADDITION to prescribed antbx, and will be helpful if bacteria does not respond to is another line of defense.

*Candidase-anti-yeast enzyme. Probability of yeast overgrowth with this condition is great. Preventative yeast measures or herbs like grapefruit seed extract are not advisable with this condition, as they are not strong enough to combat a fully grown yeast chain. An enzymatic yeast killer is needed to break the full chains of dna apart. "Candidase" or other enzymatic yeast killer...30 day regimen. Drink with plenty of water.

* Digestive Enzymes-get recommendation on brand from health store. Need active, live, preferably liquid form (stronger and quicker). This will give body what it needs to rebuild the mucosal lining to fight off infection, heal tissues underneath, and hold food in the gut instead of leaking into the blood stream.

*Aloe Vera Juice- Aloe is an important part of soothing the digestive tissues and repairing damage. It is a miracle plant that encourages tissue growth and also reduces inflammation. Mix approx 1/4 cup of Aloe Juice into 16 oz water and drink throughout the day. More if can tolerate.

*Purified Water-----this is very important----all water for use above and other should be boiled for 10 mins or purchased "purified" NOT distilled. Distilled will leach calcium and other elements from the body. Purified eliminates additional bacterias.

*Kefir-purchase greek style, or Lifeway brand...with active Lactobacillus cultures. This will RESTORE your normal digestive flora necessary for function of your digestive system and help to eliminate harmful bacteria. Drink at least 2x day-8oz. more if possible.

*Acidophilus- this is more of the above, in higher concentrated dose and necessary for repair and function. Culturelle (refrigerated from health food store) is the strongest available and tested by 3rd pary science lab for efficacy) First day 2 capsules, followed by 1 per day with purified water.

*Pau D'arco tea- this is an antifungal, antibacterial, tea. Drink each day to help with overall health and eliminating yeast.

*Chamomile tea-will soothe stomach and lining. Will also help to calm body overall and encourage restful sleep.

*Slippery Elm-check for tea or powder from health food store. This is from tree bark that has been used for years to aid in Chron's disease and other digestive disorders.

ALL OF THE ABOVE are safe and without side effects.

DISCONTINUE all use of pharmaceuticals (except antibiotics if prescribed by dr. ) No painkillers, tylenol, nsaids, etc.

If these remedies are used immediately and consistently, improvement and reduced pain should be expected within days to a few weeks. 

*Please note, I am NOT a doctor, nor a professional medical provider. This information has been obtained by independent research and hands-on treatments.  Please consult a health-care professional with any concerns/questions about drug interactions.