Natural Mommy Remedies

Through years of parenting and study, I have found wonderful medicines in are a few that work wonders!
Chest Colds, Bronchitis, Pneumonia: 
  •  Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Essential Oils (mixed in Olive oil base-2 drops per 1 tbsp of oil) Rub on the chest, throat, bottom of feet.  If pneumonia, also use Oregano oil-1 drop per Tbsp of base oil- separate from other oils.
  • Green Tea to drink (plus plenty of other fluids, raw juices, etc.)
  • Honey (raw if possible) to eat
  • If severe illness- slice fresh, raw onions*. Drench onions in olive or vegetable oil (this is the carrier agent to help onion into the body). Lay onion slices on chest and cover with a towel.  Heat is helpful so if you can then add a heating pad, or boiled cloths to get onions warmed on body, it will increase efficacy. 
  • Acidophilus-90% of our immune system is in our intestinal tract! Increasing the levels of our "good bacteria" helps them to fight off the "bad bacteria".  Acidophilus can be found at your local health food store and is in powder or pill form.  For babies and kids, too.  Don't cannot is a natural substance in our bodies and we need in the multiple billions!  We all take this as a regular part of our diet, to keep our immune systems strong.  I pay extra for the refrigerated powder or pill versions, as they have the strongest efficacy.
  • Chicken Soup, made with the bones! The chicken bones have essential elements within the marrow that help us to build our immune system and fight off infection.  Each time you make a roasted chicken, save the bones in the freezer for soup when needed! See recipe for Chicken (Bone-In) Soup!

*Note:  Onions are an antibiotic and antiviral substance (so is garlic, oregano, and other herbs).  Using the method above helps the onion aroma be inhaled through the nose and mouth; also the onion will be absorbed through the skin-with the help of the oil-to the bloodstream; helping to kill the infecting agent.

An old time remedy for illness was to place a cut onion next to the bedside of the ill person. The onion will turn black because it will absorb the germs!  (For this reason, it is important when cooking with onions that you use your entire onion-do not leave the other half for later use (unless sealed airtight in the refrigerator) as it will absorb any germs  in the air and cause poisoning!

Earaches and Ear Infections:

I have treated my kids ear infections-even after multiple failures of antibiotics; and learned that this will stop their pain, immediately! 
  • Warm Garlic Oil-saute garlic clove in olive or vegetable oil, cool to warm.  Use medicine dropper to place 4-5 drops in infected ear; insert small section of cotton ball to cover.  Leave in for a few hours or overnight and remove cotton ball.  This should immediately relieve pain by the warmth and giving counter pressure to the eardrum.  The garlic will help to fight the infection.  Do not flush the ear after treatment, but let the oil drain out, naturally.
I do not fear the ear drum rupturing, as this will relieve their pain, drain the infection, and allow for healing.  I learned this from my (very good) pediatrician and it has happened to one of my kids. There was no pain involved for him, and it healed completely within 24 hours!  If the ear ruptures, do not add any additional substances into the ear, but let it heal on its own.  If there is a fever present, or discolored discharge beyond 24 hours post-rupture, contact your doctor to asses.

I am also told that many doctors are no longer prescribing anti-biotics for ear infections; as they are seemingly ineffective. The antibiotic has a difficult time reaching the inner-ear via the bloodstream, and also there is the matter of the bacterial mutations that render current antibiotics ineffective.  Garlic however, remains a potent and natural remedy, and inserted in the ear directly, gives it direct access to the infection.  I have learned that repeated antibiotic use can actually cause a yeast-like substance to "infect" the ears, which then must be drained surgically and sometimes with tube implants.

Sore Throat

A minor sore throat can be helped along with the following:
  • Honey-Raw if possible (for children over the age of 1)
  • 1 Tbsp Whiskey heated in Honey to warm
  • "Throat Coat" Tea-available at health food and supermarkets-a combination of tissue soothing and immune boosting tea and herbs; tastes great and we love the taste!
  • Colloidal Silver-at health stores-spray in throat, used to fight infection
  • 1 drop of Oregano Essential Oil in a 8 oz glass of water, to drink...the taste is strange and must be diluted as it is a very strong oil-but will help to fight the infection in the throat.
Important Note about Strep Throat:  If high fever is present, extreme lethargy, or swelling of the throat, mouth, neck area; or any type of a rash on the face or body, please contact your doctor immediately to check for Strep throat.  Remember that children often do not complain of a sore throat when they have Strep.  Also, the rapid strep tests in the doctors offices are many times incorrect.  The full 3 day strep culture is needed for an accurate report. 

If I suspect my children have a Strep infection, I take them to the doctors immediately and get antibiotic treatment, in addition to the above protocol. In my opinion, Strep is nothing to mess with, as it can have serious and long-term implications for adults and especially, children.  The above remedies can still help to minimize symptoms and ease the pain associated with the infection. But, if again if you suspect Strep, please consult your doctor immediately.

More remedies to come!
Disclaimer! I am not a doctor, nor certified medical practitioner. They claims  made above are opinion only, derived from 20+ years of mothering experience and independent research. :)

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