Saturday, December 29, 2012

Juliet's Balcony and the Love Notes

Oh! I have to share this one more thing about Juliet's Balcony! This is so fun! I mentioned, the statue of Juliet (small at the bottom on the ground..actually larger than life, in person) where the bronze is rubbed clean on her bodice from all of the male tourists that wrap their hands around her breast for their pictures! I have a few of those pictures myself of my boyfriend (at the time) and our other friends...:) 

What I JUST that what the locals and tourists place love letters/notes to the ones they love, or about ones they love in secret...
folded, and TUCKED IN THE BRICK of these walls! 

So, as you back away from the castle, through a narrow tunnel, there are thousands of small pieces of paper written and tucked away. Only for Romeo and Juliet to read and grant their wishes. 

Can you see why I love Italians so much? I might go back again, just to write another letter for the wall! :D May our lives always be this romantic...Bellissimo! XOXO

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